Tuesday, July 26, 2016

'Founding' of The Missing Peace

While presenting at a parent education event, where my topic was ‘Reducing Stress through Seasonal Routines’ I became increasingly aware that I could not advocate for healthy eating, sleeping and social habits of students without involving or influencing the lifestyle of their parents. 

Over 20 years of working with people and their varying health needs, I have been frequently confronted with the inter-connection between my client's health and the overall culture of health of their community. And though I have the opportunity to work with individuals and families through private consultations, I realize that this is not enough to create the desired culture of health. 

In recognition of the fact that it takes a village, I have created a link with 'the missing piece' from my current sphere of influence: the business community. Hence, The Missing Peace was ‘founded’!

Drawing from the lessons learned from my recent fellowship at the Stanford University School of Medicine,  I have designed a program that promises to enhance worksite wellness by creating a culture of positive energy and collaboration. The Missing Peace will provide what it takes to encourage our community to:
    Relax with family and friends.
    Nourish through wholesome foods.
    Energize through rejuvenating activities.
    Build relationships through collaborative interactions.

The Missing Peace is targeted at workplaces because it recognizes that they have the potential to improve wellness in their communities by building a culture that supports healthy work styles. To read more about the program, please go to http://www.themissingpeace.biz

Silicon Valley Chamber Business Exposition, Santa Clara, May 2016.